Gathering Procedure Changes

May 28, 2021

Trinity Family,

The following changes to our COVID Policies and Protocols for Gatherings at Trinity are effective immediately:

2.  The following COVID protocols have also changed:

We will no longer require pre-registration for our Sunday worship services:

  • The screening/check-in process is replaced with self-monitoring.  Anyone who is feeling sick or has a fever (regardless of vaccination status) needs to stay home.  The state recommends getting a COVID test. Anyone who has traveled internationally or on a cruise ship needs to quarantine, unless fully vaccinated.
  • The Main Auditorium will return to regular-distanced seating, with a limited number of social-distance seating options for those whose risks, circumstances, or concerns warrant continued distancing. 
  • The Fellowship Hall will continue to broadcast the service and follow all the same guidelines as for the Main Auditorium.  There will also be a mix of regular and social distance seating available in The Fellowship Hall.  (UPDATE as of Sept. 19th, 2021:  The Fellowship Hall is no longer being used for main service seating). 
  • We will continue to livestream our worship services.

Restrooms and resources are now more accessible:

  • Restrooms can return to normal capacities.
  • Resources, such as Bibles, books, brochures, bulletins, etc., will return in some measure and be made available.

The following hasn’t changed:   

  • We are committed to keeping the worship service to roughly an hour.   
  • We will continue to ventilate the rooms we are using when gathered together.   
  • And we are still strongly recommending that we congregate outdoors following the worship service.

While these changes represent a reduction in protocols, they don’t minimize the importance of how we all still play a vital part in providing a safer environment for corporate worship and ministry.  It is going to feel different as we adapt to these changes.  Not everyone will adapt at the same pace.  Masks can be a contentious topic, yet there shouldn’t be any judgment for those wearing a mask or for those who are not wearing a mask.  Personal space is to be respected.  Not everyone will be comfortable with closer proximities.  There’s grace for that.  Let us all move into this next season selflessly, with respect for these new guidelines and with charity and grace for one another.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Elders.

​Thank you.

On behalf of the Elders,
Pastor Shawn Carpenter