men's discipleship collective

Discipleship: life-long, ongoing, growing following of Jesus

A Collective: a group that is motivated by at least one common interest, or works together to achieve a common objective.  

Before we discuss the life of a disciple (discipleship), we must be clear about what makes one a disciple:  a disciple is a sinner saved by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone.  There is no other way one can be a disciple.

Our discipleship then is the life-long following of Jesus.  We embark on a life-long voyage of dying to self and living to Christ.  And this voyage is ongoing, both in its scope and depth - there won’t be a time or place in our lives in which following Jesus isn’t immediately relevant. We will also grow in that we will be slowly and suddenly transformed, reflecting more of Christ in our lives. To help us along the way, God has purposed the local church to be the context of where we live-out our discipleship together. 

Without intentionality, we can drift or flounder.  Our goal in creating Deeper Men's Discipleship Collective is to see meaningful relationships and discipleship groups form that are marked with intentional care in our following and treasuring Christ.  This collective will consist of two opportunities for you to embark on that life-long, ongoing, growing following Jesus together. 


Discipleship Groups (DGs) are smaller groups of 3-4 men committed to helping each other grow at knowing, following, and treasuring Christ through all of life.  DGs can take on many different dynamics but the main aim is to intentionally help one another follow Jesus. More on DGs will come but we hope that Deeper Nights will be a great context to form DGs for those who are not in one but want to be. 


Deeper Nights are quarterly events designed for collective encouragement and equipping for deeper discipleship.  We will have guest speakers and worship leaders, and there will be time for fellowship, prayer, encouragement and connection.

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